My Teams

There are sports fans all over the world. Most people have favorite teams and some just like to see a good game. Some fans defend their team with their life. Like last year there was a fan murdered after a Raiders and 49ers game. A son and his father were in a heated argument with a raiders fan and the father was shot a killed in the parking lot following the game that day. Now I’m not that passionate about my teams that I would kill someone, but I would defend my team the best I could! My favorite team of all time is the Chicago Cubs. I know, I know they aren’t the best, but they’re on the up-rise! They have good young players like Starlin Castro who led the league in hits his second year, Anthony Rizzo who was runner up for a gold glove his second year, and Junior Lake who went 5 for 5 in his first major league game. My favorite football team is the Baltimore Ravens. They won the super bowl last year against the 49ers and it was their second super in the 13 years that they have been an organization. My favorite college team is the Iowa Hawkeyes. They have had their ups and downs in sports through the years but they usually have pretty decent teams.


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